Ten Ways to NOT Look Frumpy

An A-Line Dress that is solid colored: Colors such as purple, pink, yellow, black, gray, red, green, black, and blue can look fabulous in an A Lined Dress: but don’t make the mistake of wearing white! Guaranteed! Now, like I’ve said in my earlier articles- wearing white is dangerous. Unless you’re Kate Moss thin, don’t try it.

Black shoes teamed with black opaque tights: Aha! The Audrey Hepburn style. Sleek, elegant and completely and forever in style, this look will work in almost all and every situation. Perfect for an important business meeting. Perfect for a second date. Wear it to the neighborhood birthday part! Wear it with a guy to the movies, dinner, or just out to the park! Guys love black. Trust Me!

The Foundation Garment. Looking tight and toned it of utmost importance. And contrary to popular perception, those Hollywood stars do NOT suck their stomachs in the whole time. Shapewear is the one and only way for me to survive the onslaught of great clothes. No. It’s not for old people! It’s not for overweight people! It’s for normal girls wanting to look extra sleek. If your boyfriend makes fun of you, check his closet, he’s probably wearing a men’s body shaper.

Wear a bra to lift your boobs: Boobs that sag don’t add to the attractive quotient. You’ve all heard that saying that lifting the breasts can make one look even fatter. Wrong Wearing a bra that pushes up your chest will give your figure a more streamlined look. Looking curvy is a good thing If I have to choose between voluptuous and saggy, I’d choose voluptuous any day. Ask your man, he’ll agree. Trust Me.

Who cares if it’s fake? Who care’s if you didn’t get it baking under the sun, exposing yourself to potential skin cancer, and paying 800 bucks for a weekend in a Miami. A wonderful(if fake) tan will make you glow, make your clothes stand out and up the attraction points. Thank God for Tanning Beds!